We are positioning Farmers across Africa for better solutions, improved networking and higher yields.

Farmers’ Meet is fostering a new generation of farmers in Africa. We understand the problems facing agriculture in our continent, and we’re designing tested solutions for improved farming experience for practicing and upcoming farmers.
Farmers Meet started as a Whatsapp group where farmers across the globe were welcomed to share their problems as well as ideas, and collaborate. Today, Farmers’ Meet is a full-blown agricultural consulting organization.
At Farmers’ Meet, we love to do things differently. We want to see farming in Africa take a new turn from what it used to be. And we’re giving it all takes to transmute our vision into vivid reality.
We’re empowering young farmers in Africa to prospect the untapped goldmines in our farmlands. And we envisage these young people using technologies that provides sustainable environment.
We are a small team of Agricultural Specialists and Consultants charting the course to more rewarding farming practices across Africa.

Our Strategy

Understanding the Farmer and his challenges

We’ve realized that most of the times farmers are left alone – to face numerous problems like pests and diseases, low farm yield, poor transportation mechanisms, as well as storage problems.  Of course, the problems are real. And they can be devastating too.
For this reason, we’ve created platforms that would help us receive first-hand challenges that farmers face. We then take it upon ourselves to secure practical solutions to these hindrances.
So, we are calling on Farmers to cease the opportunity we’ve created to give themselves a boost. We believe that farmers in Africa have the right to improved living and we’ve pledged our fervent support for the African Farmer.

Poverty Reduction

We understand that the problem of poverty would be dealt a hard blow if our farmers get it really right! We believe so much that improved agriculture would alleviate poverty. Hence, as we’re empowering farmers, we are at the same time solving the poverty problem.
We envision the farmers we’ve empowered evolving into employers of labour, which would definitely result in increased food production and decline in poverty.