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Vetsark SHARE Data science technology to protect crops and livestock from pests and diseases. Vetsark is launching their Alpha Prime Disease Surveillance Technology to predict, prevent and control pests and disease outbreaks in Nigeria, which have led to significant loss of harvests, income for farmers, and threatened public health and nutrition for millions of people in low income communities. The technology will educate farmers on pests and diseases and inform them of the resources they need to protect their crops and livestock. Within the next year Vetsark will impact 30,000 farmers directly, saving them more than $500 million worth of livestock harvest while impacting 10,000,000 Nigerian citizens indirectly as consumers VETSARK was enlisted among the Google Impact Challenge in Nigeria and your vote will help us defeat Pest and Disease in Nigeria

To vote kindly click the link below👇🏾

Instagram@ farmersmeet1

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