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The study of managing and understanding fisheries dates back to around 500BCE, when the Romans farmed oysters and fish in Mediterranean lagoons, whereas fresh water aquaculture developed empirically some 1000 years ago in China. Over the years the aquaculture industry has experienced so much advancement especially in technology as new and improved ways of culturing fish are discovered on daily basis. Aquaculture is beyond just farming fish it’s a career of the future as there is a level of fulfilment and gratification in preserving the future of our water bodies. The sea is very fascinating and the ocean is very important for food and transportation. The demand for fish is currently about 70million metric tonnes and this will grow by 6% every year. The fish stocks in our oceans and water bodies are depleting so fast that it is predicted that by the year 2050 some species will be completely extinct. The study of aquaculture has made it possible for the world to understand and develop solutions to challenges that has been caused by over fishing and water pollution due to human activities. Man can eventually relate with his environment and create a balance in the aquatic ecosystem.

The aquaculture industry provides job for over nine hundred and twelve million people worldwide and provides about seventy million metric tonnes of fish worldwide. After graduation getting a job is never an issue as we can always set up our own farms or work for large corporations and industrial giants in our field. The aquaculture industry will provide more jobs than any other industry in the next ten years. By 2028 the industry will provide job for 20% of the world’s population directly and 5% indirectly.

We join associations like the Fisheries society of Nigeria (FISON), the Global Aquaculture Alliance etc. this associations serve as a massive network where we meet with other professionals and top players in the industry. Several opportunities arise from being a member of these associations. Currently the Global Aquaculture Alliance holds a conference which is tagged GOAL (Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership) yearly. It is the largest gathering of giants in the industry of aquaculture which provides insights of the trends shaping the future of responsible aquaculture production and sourcing. We can also network with more than 400 seafood professionals from more than thirty countries. This conference began since 2001 and runs every year.

Taking up advanced research project on studying and culturing wild endangered species in order to preserve them so that they do not go extinct gives us an effect of demi gods. As aquaculture students we love to be involved in rescuing endangered fish species by getting involved in research projects that helps us preserve life in the water bodies in order to maintain a balanced ecosystem. We also study ways to improve the quality and quantity of production in order to achieve maximum productivity. We take up research on best treatment for bacteria and pathogenic diseases of fish. Our research helps us to solve industry problems and help to encourage sustainability.

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